ICOBox Co-Founder Anar Babaev Leaving the Company
Date: February 5, 2019

Anar Babaev, co-founder and Managing Partner at ICOBox, announced his decision to leave the company. As his primary reason he stated that he needs to rest and recuperate after an incredibly high-pressure and intense year in the crypto industry.

"Over the past few months I have been mostly focused on client services and market analysis. The company has now fulfilled most of its obligations to its clients, and I believe that I can safely leave without negatively affecting its day-to-day operations. My intention is to get a good rest after the exciting but wild last year in the crypto market and to switch my attention to my own projects," he explained.

Anar Babaev also thanked the team at ICOBox for all the productive work they have done together, as well as for the steady support and willingness to come to each other's help whenever needed.

"I know the company will continue fulfilling its obligations to its clients and wish it the best of luck developing new, relevant and sought-after products," he added.

Anar Babaev was one of ICOBox's co-founders and has been with the company from the moment it's been conceived.

"Anar is a true professional, an excellent top manager with vast and thorough understanding of all intricacies of the digital currency market and blockchain technology. In just a little over a year he helped ICOBox to evolve from a small, unfamiliar startup to the leader in blockchain marketing and the world's largest service provider for cryptocurrency projects. We are deeply grateful for his invaluable contribution to the company's success," said Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox founder and CEO.

About ICOBox:
ICOBox is the world's leading ICO solutions provider, offering a wide range of technical, legal and marketing services to projects selling their products and services via Initial Coin Offerings. As a global blockchain startup accelerator, ICOBox has helped organize dozens of ICOs, including such prominent projects as INS, Universa, Play2Live, Crypterium, Celsius, Patron, Storiqa, Paragon, Tokenstars, CrowdGenie, SM.M, NVB, etc. To date, with the help of ICOBox's 150-person international team, its clients collected over $400 million. More information can be found at www.icobox.io.