Admission of new projects for voting within the ICOS program is now closed.
Date: December 22, 2018
ICOBox is no longer accepting applications for review and the subsequent vote for participation in our ICOS program.
We will continue serving all projects selected by ICOS token holders as usual, in accordance with the ordered services and agreed schedule.
ICOS program was established to help promising but underfunded projects gain access to ICOBox tools with which they could conduct their ICOs. ICOBox prescreened the applicants but the final selection of candidates for an ICO covered through ICOS program was made by the vote of ICOS token holders. In exchange for ICOBox's services new projects make their future tokens available to ICOS token holders by placing them on icos.icobox.io platform, and ICOS token holders exchange their ICOS tokens for the new tokens. The exchange value per one ICOS token is set at 0.04 BTC, so every ICOS token is exchangeable for the relevant number of the new projects' tokens on ICOS platform worth 0.04 BTC at presale prices.
About ICOBox:
ICOBox is the world's leading ICO solutions provider, offering a wide range of technical, legal and marketing services to projects selling their products and services via Initial Coin Offerings. As a global blockchain startup accelerator, ICOBox has helped organize dozens of ICOs, including such prominent projects as INS, Universa, Play2Live, Crypterium, Celsius, Patron, Storiqa, Paragon, Tokenstars, CrowdGenie, SM.M, NVB, etc. To date, with the help of ICOBox's 150-person international team, its clients collected over $400 million. More information can be found at www.icobox.io.