ICOBox Founder and Owner Nick Evdokimov Returning to Run the Company
Date: December 27, 2018
ICOBox founder and owner Nick Evdokimov is coming back to managing his company as its CEO. At the same time, Daria Generalova, ICOBox's co-founder and Managing Partner, announced that she's leaving the company to pursue her own projects. The two moves are completely unrelated and will have no effect on the company's current operations: the project is running as usual and will continue delivering on its obligations to the clients.

"For quite some time now I have been busy working on other projects and have not participated in ICOBox's management or operations. But ICOBox is still my home, my family. Having carefully weighed all the pros and cons, and having closely looked at the difficult market situation, I decided to take on the task of running ICOBox and help the company lead the emerging security token market," said Nick Evdokimov.

He also expressed his gratitude to Daria Generalova for her invaluable contribution to the company and wished her the best of luck in all her future projects.

"Daria has been with ICOBox from its birth. She is a great manager and a true professional who has an incredible grasp of marketing, communications, business processes, and cryptocurrency trends. We are enormously thankful for everything she's done for the company, including in this difficult year for the industry," Evdokimov added.

In just a little over a year, Daria helped ICOBox work its way up from a completely unknown startup to the leader in ICO marketing and the world's largest service provider for blockchain projects launching their token sales. She also helped the company reorient to the new market conditions of late 2018. ICOBox's portfolio includes about 100 clients who, with ICOBox's help, were able to collect over $650 million.
About ICOBox:
ICOBox is the world's leading ICO solutions provider, offering a wide range of technical, legal and marketing services to projects selling their products and services via Initial Coin Offerings. As a global blockchain startup accelerator, ICOBox has helped organize dozens of ICOs, including such prominent projects as INS, Universa, Play2Live, Crypterium, Celsius, Patron, Storiqa, Paragon, Tokenstars, CrowdGenie, SM.M, NVB, etc. To date, with the help of ICOBox's 150-person international team, its clients collected over $400 million. More information can be found at www.icobox.io.